I am curious about my connection to the individual and collective narratives from historical record, popular culture and family lore that I have ingested and interpreted, and spend my time endlessly recalculating.

I am interested in questioning the rules and dogmas that underpin these narratives, influence my experience of the world and affect my agency; those intangibles that hold authority and have come to exert themselves on me as if set in stone.

My work elucidates my journey so far, my responses to the structures and power dynamics I have internalized and by which I police myself. It is a response to the roads I have travelled as I begin to understand the weight I place on the canons that affect my interpretation of reality and my ability to respond.

The paintings I am making today reflect my present awareness as I renegotiate my relationships to the stories that circle in my consciousness. They are visual recordings of my assumptions, questions and challenges to the status quo – a coming together of my thoughts, memories, perceptions, emotions and desires.