Backwash refers to the sharing of drinks…and the inevitable back flow of beverage and saliva that occurs in the communal cup, the sloshing together of the different fluids and also, bacteria; what floats and what sinks, the harmless and the harmful. It compares to the multigenerational sharing of ideas, values, and rules. The good and the bad, the personal and the collective. What was helpful for one person or generation is not necessarily helpful for the next; yet all gets included and shared, transmitted and transmuted.

In water purification ‘backwash‘ also refers to the process of reversing the flow to clear out and purify air and water… As a concept, here, it is about mining beliefs and becoming clear about thinking. What it means to be taught, to learn through association and to absorb through osmosis.

This work is about domestication, it is part of my personal backwashing process.

Credit: Sam Burnet. E.C Alumni Assoc.